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 How to recover data from SD card for free? How to recover micro SD card if the card is corrupted? If data files have been corrupted or data lost, the first thing users need to do is to use data recovery software to help retrieve recovered data. The following guide will introduce the best free SD card recovery programs to help users recover data for free.

            Part 1: What causes SD card data loss
            Part 2: Free SD card data recovery software
            Part 3: How to recover SD card data for free
            Part 4: Solutions to repair SD card and recover data
            Part 5: How to extend SD card life, prevent SD card corruption and SD card data loss

    Part 1: What are the causes of SD card data loss

    There are many reasons for data loss, and sometimes it may be caused by user error. The following are some of the reasons for data loss from SD cards.

    Accidental deletion: This can happen if a file is accidentally deleted from the SD card without a backup on the computer

    Errors caused by moving files: This can also happen when trying to move files from an electronic device to the SD card.

    Partially overwritten files: When two or more files look similar, deleting one file or overwriting another file may also lose some files

    Reformatted SD card: Files may be lost when reformatting the SD card, so back up your data before formatting or reformatting the SD card.

    Storage failure resulting in file corruption: If there is not enough space on the SD card before moving files to the SD card, files may be lost or files may be corrupted.

    Part 2: Free SD card data recovery software

    It is the best free SD card data recovery software, which is a reliable SD memory card recovery software that helps users to recover data files from Micro SD cards and memory cards easily.

        Recover Free Data Recovery

            Recover deleted or lost data from Micro SD card.
                      Recover SD card data due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack.
                      Recover any data file from SD card with high success rate.
                      Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7 / XP / Vista; Mac OS 10.13, macOS 10.12, OS X 10.11,10.10,10.9,10.8,10.7,10.6.

    Video tutorial on how to recover data from Micro SD card

    Part 3: How to recover SD card data for free

    Download and install the software, connect the Micro SD card to your computer, and then follow the next guide to perform SD card recovery. If you are using a Mac, you can download the Mac version.

    Step 1. Select data recovery mode Launch , recover SD card data and select " Quick Scan" data recovery mode.

    Step 2. Select SD card media Select SD card and click "Start" button to process.
              Step 3. Scan Micro SD card The software will start a quick scan to search for data. After the first scan, if you cannot find the files, you can scan again using Total Recovery, which will search for more files from the SD card.
             Step 4. Preview and recover SD card data After the deep scan, you can check all the recovered data files. Preview some recoverable photos, select the data you want to recover and click the Recover button.

    Note: To avoid overwriting other files, please save the recovered results on another hard drive.


    Part 4: Other solutions for repairing SD card and recovering data

    Solution 1: Try chkdsk command

    Step 1 Connect the device to the computer and install it as a disk drive (select Mass Storage mode)

    Step 2 On your computer, click Start - > All Programs - > Accessories - > Command Prompt

    Step 3 Type the following command: chkdisk:/ f

    Step 4 Finally, just click Enter and the computer will start the process of repairing the corrupted SD card.


    Solution 2: Rename the new drive number

    The computer may find it difficult to read the SD card when the user is connected via a card reader. This is because the computer is unable to read the drive numbers C, D, E, etc. to the reader being used. In this case, the drive number needs to be manually assigned on the window to resolve the issue. Please follow the steps below to assign a new drive number.

    Step 1 First unplug the SD card from the digital camera or device and connect it to the computer

    Step 2 Right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.

    Step 3 Next, click "Disk Management" on the left side of the page.

    Step 4 Right-click the SD card when it is loaded.

    Step 5 Select the drive letter and click Change.

    Step 6 Finally, select the correct drive letter from the drop-down list. Click OK to see if the SD card is immediately recognized by your computer.



    Solution 3: Reinstall the driver

    Reinstalling the drivers for the SD card is another solution. This will also repair the SD card and allow the user to access the data. Follow these steps to reinstall the drivers

    Step 1 Right-click on My Computer and select Manage from the list.

    Step 2 Select "Device Manager" from the left side.

    Step 3 Double-click Disk Manager and right-click the SD card.

    Step 4 Click Uninstall, and then click OK.

    Step 5 Unplug the SD card from the computer and then restart the computer

    Step 6 Finally, reconnect the SD card to the computer via the card reader.

    Part 5: How to extend SD card life, prevent SD card corruption and SD card data loss

    Commonly used memory cards (including SD cards, memory sticks, CF cards, Micro SD cards, etc.) have a typical life span of 5 years. However, if used incorrectly, it can be corrupted within a few months or even days. Proper use of SD cards can extend the life of SD cards. Here are some tips to prolong the life of SD cards and prevent SD card damage

            Turn off your electronic devices before inserting or removing the SD card.
            Keep SD cards away from cold, hot, dusty, humid or magnetic fields or sites.
            Use one SD card per electronic device (do not share one between two or more devices).
            Copy files to the SD card (do not download directly from the Internet to the SD card).
            Keep the SD card device fully charged at all times.
            Do not burn, bend or damage the SD card.
            Do not make certain changes or edit the contents of the SD card directly on the computer.
            Properly scan or format the SD card.
            Properly extract the SD card from the computer.
            Keep the SD card with enough free space.

    Proper use of the above tips will extend the life of the SD card. You can also use free data recovery software to retrieve and recover data if you encounter any problem on the SD card that causes data loss.

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Bplan data recovery with 3 steps

Step 1 : Free download and Open it
How to recover lost files from micro SD card for free
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
How to recover lost files from micro SD card for free
Step 3 : Recover lost files
How to recover lost files from micro SD card for free

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