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Samsung  SD card is a trendy storage device, mostly used in Samsung cell phones photo, digital cameras photo, camcorders, and other electronic products to expand the device's storage memory. Sd card can provide different storage space of 4G, 8G, 32G, etc. Users can choose to use it according to their needs. Samsung Sd card can be connected to the computer for data transfer via USB such as card reader. This is convenient, but inevitably, for various reasons, will lead to the loss of photo files within the SD card.

Samsung SD card deleted photo recovery

   "Although the current cell phone basically does not support the insertion of SD card to store data, I have a previously used cell phone SD card, but because in the previous use of this SD card deleted the photos inside by mistake, these photos I now urgently need a safe and convenient way to retrieve these photos way."

   "I have a large number of photo files stored in my cell phone SD card. But when I was about to transfer the photos from the SD card to my computer, something unexpected happened. The transfer was interrupted, and neither my computer nor SD card could find the original photos. I now need a professional method to recover them."

   As you can see here, there are also many cases of SD card file loss, have you also encountered such a situation? Let's first understand the causes of SD card loss, and then in the right remedy, which is more conducive to recovery.

  Mobile SD card will cause photo files lost for what reasons?

   1, human-made accidental deletion of photos: when operating, the operation will occur accidental deletion.
   2: formatting the phone SD card photos. SD card can be formatted on the phone or on the computer to get more SD card storage locations.
   3、Virus attack. Different virus programs can attack SD card files, resulting in the loss and destruction of SD card photos.
   4、Transfer interruption. SD card is accidentally interrupted while transferring photos (the reason may be a power failure, sudden unplugging, abnormal contact problem), resulting in the loss of photo files inside.

5、Hardware damage: The hardware inside is damaged (circuitry and other problems), resulting in the SD card being unable to read photos.

   In these cases, how do we recover the lost files in the SD card? We can divide the reasons out; the first 4 items are all file loss caused by misuse, while the last item belongs to hardware physical damage. A physically damaged SD card requires a professional repairer to operate it. For example, if the SD card's circuit is damaged, you can only try to reconnect the circuit inside.

   Solution 1: Samsung SD card deleted photo recovery method 1

   Recuva is one of the most common Windows data recovery software on the market, helping you recover lost photos from SD card.

   The success rate of this software recovery is relatively high, but the drawbacks are also obvious. The interface of this software is rough, and the operation is complicated, and most importantly, the software's preview function is not perfect.

   So is there a safe and efficient recovery method? Of course, there is. Here is a more effective recovery method for you.

   Solution 2: Samsung SD card deleted photo recovery method

Your files are lost from SD, so please select your SD card. After you select it, a small circle with a checkmark will appear at the far right end of the disk name line, at which point you can click the "Scan" button at the top right to scan your SD card.

 Once the selection is complete, the software recovery will read it automatically. The scanning process takes some time, the length of which is determined by the files stored in the SD card. The more complex the file type and the larger the file size, the longer the scan time will be and vice versa. As shown in the figure.

   Normally, if your SD card memory has about 2G photo format files, it will only take a few minutes to finish the whole scan, so you need to be patient.

   Clicking the "Deep Recovery" button on the software can help you solve the problem of not retrieving photo files, but it will take a little longer. Click the "Deep Scan" button in yellow font on the top of the interface, Bplan data recovery software will do a deep scan for you immediately, so please wait patiently again.

 Tip: We recommend you to do a quick scan first and then a deep scan when scanning lost files, the quick scan can basically finish the data scan.

   If you have friends around you who have encountered such a thing and approve of the above solution, you can forward or share this article with them to help them solve the problem of SD card photo loss recovery as soon as possible.


Bplan data recovery with 3 steps

Step 1 : Free download and Open it
How to recover deleted photos from Samsung SD card on cell phone with 3 ways
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
How to recover deleted photos from Samsung SD card on cell phone with 3 ways
Step 3 : Recover lost files
How to recover deleted photos from Samsung SD card on cell phone with 3 ways

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