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So exactly how to recover lost files on the Sandisk SD memory card?

Memory cards generally refer to memory cards that store camera and cell phone photos, videos, among which SanDisk SD memory cards are more common. It is a stand-alone storage media used on digital products such as digital cameras, portable computers, MP3, etc... The basic storage principle of most memory cards is the same, and likewise, the data recovery principle is the same if the data on the memory card is lost.

See if the camera supports SDXC, SD/SDHC/SDXC, the front version is the old card, and the back version is the new card; the new machine can use the old card, the old machine can not use the new card.

sandisk sd card photo recovery

SDHC supports up to 32G, 64G card must be SDXC protocol.


The phone does not recognize the partition, should prompt unformatted, not unusable.

The formatting problem is FAT32, FAT32 is designed to support up to 2TB, so now there is no relationship with the memory card. The software level is also whether to support high-capacity clusters (clusters are the minimum capacity allocation unit), but now the device supports high-capacity clusters.

128gb sandisk sd card photo recovery

 1 How to recover photos deleted by mistake from Canon camera SanDisk SD card?                       

Can I recover other photos deleted by mistake when deleting photos? Yes, as long as the photos are not damaged, they can be recovered. Generally speaking, as long as the memory card used to store photos is not physically damaged, it is generally used.

2 How do I recover a folder of photos deleted by mistake from a SanDisk SD memory card on my phone?                 

So how do you recover mistakenly deleted files from your phone's SD memory card? If you want to retrieve the mistakenly deleted memory card files, it is not a troublesome matter; as long as you use a professional data recovery tool in the relevant operation, you can basically retrieve the lost files. Then the specific

Next, I will introduce the specific steps to recover all the photo files on the SanDisk SD card.


 Step 1

On the official website (download SanDisk memory card photo data recovery software to your computer, download and complete the software installation.


Step 2  

Then read the memory card with a card reader; you can go to the disk management side to view the memory card's basic configuration information. The computer can correctly identify the memory card. The software can also be correctly identifiedsandisk sd card deleted photo recovery

Step 3.

Next, select the memory card, and then click Next to start the deep scan of the mistakenly deleted SD card photo data. The scan will take some time, so please be patient.

Step 4.       

Next, after scanning, it is recommended to switch to preview mode and then find the photo files that need to be recovered through the file thumbnails; and after finding the files, click on the file preview view to preview the file content accurately that you can recover the files for normal use. (The content of the file can be recovered by clicking on the file preview). There are also text files because of the length of the preview; you can only preview the beginning part of the content, which generally belongs to the recovery.

Step 5.       

Finally, check the files that need to be recovered, confirm that they can be recovered, click the [Recover] button, select the recovery path, and restore the photo files to your computer. After all the recovery is complete, if you confirm that the data on the memory card no longer needs to be recovered, you can also move the recovered files back to the memory card.

Step 6.

Select the recovery path; the above are the basic steps to recover SanDisk SD card deleted photo data by mistake; the operation is effortless. In addition, the software provides scanning and preview functions that can be used normally without registration. You can use the scan and preview functions to determine whether the photo files are damaged and recoverable and then decide whether you need to use the official version to recover the data.





Bplan data recovery with 3 steps

Step 1 : Free download and Open it
How to recover accidentally deleted photo files from SanDisk SD card of camera or cell phone?
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
How to recover accidentally deleted photo files from SanDisk SD card of camera or cell phone?
Step 3 : Recover lost files
How to recover accidentally deleted photo files from SanDisk SD card of camera or cell phone?

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