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Bplan data recovery full version is Lexar sd card data recovery tool developed and launched in windows; it supports recovery of pictures, videos, files, etc. from Lexar sd cards, and supports a wide range of Lexar sd card brands, no matter what brand of Lexar sd cards are supported; the use of the software is also quite simple.

The software is also quite simple, you only need to click the mouse, you can quickly scan your sd files, after the completion of the scan, click to quickly recover, and recovery speed, support a wide range of formats, the need for friends to hurry this  Software Park will Rexa sd card data recovery software Bplan data recovery download to use try it!

Software features

Not only recover images photos videos.

This software also has an automatic upgrade function to ensure compatibility with the current operating system; it can also reformat the memory card and restore it to factory settings, and can permanently and safely delete all data on the card. In addition, Bplan data recovery supports multiple languages and works with PC

It is the perfect solution for digital cameras.

      Whether your main job is taking photos or shooting video, Bplan data recovery software is an important aid in every photographer's toolbox, ensuring that important files are not lost and that you can work with peace of mind.

Easy and reliable file recovery

With Bplan data recovery software, you can reliably recover most photos and video files from any type or brand of memory card   keeping your precious files safe and sound. Since its inception, this easy to use software has been trusted by professional photographers for its simple recovery process, automatic updates, formatted memory cards and secure deletion features. So whether you are a professional photographer who captures important moments for your clients or a photography enthusiast who is fascinated by taking family photos, your important images can be recovered. The software supports Windows 10 7 8.

Reliable recovery of lost or deleted photo picture files

Bplan data recovery software offers simple and reliable recovery features that help recover images from any type or brand of memory card.

The recovery process is time saving and simple.

Bplan data recovery software is simple and easy to use and recovers files with ease. Scan and recover most media files including popular file types such as JPEG, TIFF, RAW, MP4, AVI formats, and more with just a few mouse clicks.

Software Features

Photo recovery software does not write data to the source partition during the file recovery process, so you can rest assured that no further damage will be caused to the source data. The software also supports recovery of photo files from disk image files, which is convenient for off site data recovery, and the software itself has the function of creating disk image files.

This software currently only supports recovering photo files in JPG format more file formats are being added, JPG format is the most popular digital photo file format, and most digital cameras and camera phones use this format to store photos, so Huilong Photo Recovery Software is capable of recovering most photo files, and the success rate of photo recovery is also very high.


Do not download the software to the disk drive where you want to recover data, and do not decompress the files to the disk drive where you want to recover them, otherwise the source data may be damaged again. If the camera is directly connected to the computer for data recovery, please ensure that the battery power is sufficient, so that the recovery process does not run out of power and you have to rescan again next time.

Installation method

1, download the file and find Blpan data recovery double click to run, enter the software installation wizard interface.

2, select the language you need to use in the process of installation, click OK.

3、Enter the software installation wizard interface, select the location of the software for installation, the default location  C:Program Files x86Bplan data recovery , it is recommended to install in the D disk, click Next.

4. Select the components and shortcuts of the software and click Next.

5, Bplan data recovery full version has been installed, click Finish.

6, enter the main interface of the software, the following interface appears, the following figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UHS?

UHS stands for Ultra High Speed, a new technology that allows SDHC and SDXC cards to increase the speed of their bus interfaces. UHS I enables interface speeds of up to 104MB per second, and UHS enabled SDHC or SDXC cards can increase transfer performance to 104MB per second.

What is the U1 speed grade?

Some new UHS memory cards will carry the U1 designation, indicating that the UHS I card has a U1 speed rating, which represents a minimum capture write speed of 10M bytes per second for recorded video content. It is important to note that while U1 speed performance is the same as Speed Class 10, they are tested differently and just because a card meets one speed class does not mean it also meets the other.

Can I use a UHS I card in a device that uses SDHC?

Yes. All SD UHS I cards can be used in existing devices that use SDXC and SDHC backwards compatible. Please note that SDXC UHS I cards are not compatible with devices using SD or SDHC specifications and are only compatible with devices using SDXC specifications. For more information see the SDXC

FAQ: While SD UHS I cards can be used with devices using SDXC and SDHC specifications, if you want to optimize UHS performance, select a host device with the UHS I logo as follows.


Bplan data recovery with 3 steps

Step 1 : Free download and Open it
Lexar sd card data recovery (free sd card video photo recovery)
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
Lexar sd card data recovery (free sd card video photo recovery)
Step 3 : Recover lost files
Lexar sd card data recovery (free sd card video photo recovery)

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