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How to recover lost file from not working Inland SD card, and fix not read Inland SD card


Summary: After using it for a long time, it is easy to have problems, such as common Inland SD cards that cannot be opened after being connected to the computer. What to do at this time? Here is a reliable solution for you, take a look at it.

Inland SD card applications

Inland SD cards are used as storage media for many electronic products, such as digital cameras, video cameras, car navigation, aerial cameras, cell phones, MP4, etc.

Inland SD card will store files in various formats, such as video, photos, audio, documents, etc., which are important data for users.

Inland SD card not detect or cannot be opened phenomenon.

But if the Inland SD card is not opened once, these data will be lost as well. Before recovering the data, let's take a look at the Inland SD card.

1 Inland SD card can't be opened. After connecting to the computer, a disk letter is shown in Explorer, but when double-clicking the disk letter, it prompts error messages such as "Disk is not formatted, do you want to format it."

2 Right-click on Inland SD card to view its properties, the file system shows RAW format, and the disk space becomes 0 bytes.

3 The disk letter is not visible in Explorer, the Inland SD card is not visible in Disk Manager, and the disk space is shown as unallocated.


Common reasons why Inland SD card can't be detect

There are two main reasons for the Inland SD card.

There are two main reasons why the Inland SD card won't open: software failure and hardware failure.

1 Software failure:

refers to damage at the logical level, such as file system corruption resulting in inaccessible partitions. Many factors lead to this failure, such as improper plugging and unplugging of the Inland SD card. If it is a soft failure, use data recovery software to recover the data by itself.


2 Hardware failure :

Hardware failure is the problem of the Inland SD card itself, such as memory chip damage, extended memory card, bad channel, board failure, etc. If the Inland SD card is damaged at the physical level, then it is difficult for the data recovery software to work, which requires a professional data recovery agency to recover the data.



How to recover photo video files from not working Inland SD card?


Reminder: If you want to recover data from an Inland SD card that cannot be opened, you need to pay attention to the following two points.


 1 Do not format the Inland SD card

Format. Do not format the memory card when the operating system prompts you to do so! The formatting process may lead to further data corruption. The formatting process may lead to further data corruption.

  2 Do not repair.

However, do not click Repair when prompted by the system to see if repair is required. Also, do not perform a CHKDSK disk check on the Inland SD card. Although the Inland SD card can sometimes be opened after these repair operations are completed, the files are still not visible or incomplete.


Method 1


Here you can use data recovery and partition management software to get back the Inland SD card.

The software also supports the recovery of data lost due to deletion and formatting on the Inland SD card.

The software also supports the recovery of deleted and formatted data from the Inland SD card. The recovery success rate is high and easy to operate. In case of severe corruption, you can also create image files for Inland SD cards.

You can skip the bad blocks when creating the image and then recover the data by scanning the image file.




How to repair an Inland SD card that cannot be opened?


After Inland SD card data recovery is complete, you can try the following methods to repair the corrupted Inland SD card:


Method 1: Format the corrupted Inland SD card


Step 1: Connect the Inland SD card.

Connect it to your computer, and then double-click the "This PC" icon on the desktop to open the file manager.

Step 2: Right-click on the corrupted Inland SD card and select

Then select the "Format" option in the context menu.

Step 3: Select the file system type and then click the "Start" button.


Note: Inland SD card

After formatting, all data on the Inland SD card will be lost. Therefore, only when the data on the Inland SD card has been successfully recovered or backed up.

Is successfully recovered or backed up before formatting.


Method 2 : Repair corrupt Inland SD card using Windows Disk Check.

Step 1 : Open "This PC" right-click on the Inland SD card. And select the "Properties" option.

Step 2 : Click on the "Tools" tab on the pop-up properties window and then click on the "Check" button.  This option will check for file system errors in the drive.

Step 3 : Click on "Scan Drive" on the pop-up "Error Check" dialog box.


Steps to recover lost videos photos folder from Inland SD Card not detected

Step 1.

Open the software and select the Inland SD card from which you need to recover data. Then click the "Recover Files" button as shown in the figure below.

Step 2.

Select the recovery option in the pop-up "Recover Files" window and then click the "Start" button to enter the scanning phase.

The software offers two recovery options. Recover Deleted Files and Deep Recovery.


Step 3: Preview files.   


Previewing files can help detect if the lost files can be recovered properly. Because Inland SD card

can't open problem, some files may be corrupted, so previewing the files is an essential process.


Step 4: Copy and save the files that need to be recovered to another location.


Check the files that need to be recovered in the software, click the right mouse button, and then select "Copy to the specified folder"; after that, follow the software prompts and choose a location on your computer's hard drive to save the recovered files.

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