Data recovery software features

Professional recovery

Deep recovery mode is that you have used other software or other modes of our software, but you can’t find and open files, or find files that cannot be opened, damaged, and cannot be used normally.

File Types

Quickly recover files in various formats, such as: documents, videos, photos, emails, audios and more than 1,000 file formats.

Storage devices

SD memory cards, Mechanical hard drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives, camera cards, CF cards, TF cards, mini SD cards and other memory cards.

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    Do not use software The software cannot find the lost data for the first time The file cannot be opened normally after using multiple software software to restore

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  • Software development history

    The professional data recovery software of plan B is developed after 15 years of cumulative research and development. It is an extremely powerful software with unique technology that can recover files that other software can’t find.

♦Storage Devices Brand♦

  • hard drive recovery software

    Hard Drive Brand

    HDD|SSD|External Drive

    Seagate|Western Digital Toshiba|Samsung SanDisk LaCie|Kosuo|Colorful Hikvision|Lenovo| Kingston|Newman Yijie Patriot|Lonac|Black Beetle Hewlett Packard|Intel Guangwei Gang|Teclast Small caps|Plextor Kingteck Asgart|Kinbaidadell|Lexar Ziguang|Dahua NEWQ ORICO Essenke|Crucial|GALAX

  • sd card recovery

    storage card

    Various SD cards|Memory cards|CF cards|TF cards

    SanDisk|Samsung|Kingston|Sony Netac|Hibin|Canon|Toshiba|Yizheng Tianshuo|Biaz|Nikon|Patriot Yijie|Kodak|Transcend|Damai|Kioxia Storage Technology|Blink|Lenovo Panasonic |Lexar|Hikvision/Taipower|Youlin|Chuanyu|ez Share/GoPro|Maxell|Netac|OV Lexar|Face up

  • USB Drive recovery

    USB Flash drive

    USB Flash drive

    SanDisk|Kingston|Patriot|Samsung Taipower|Netac|Xibin|Lenovo|DM Yijie|Vatican|Universal|Toshiba Lexar|Kioxia|Move Speed|Mingche Xiaomi|HP|PNY Core|Lanke Core CORSAIR|Moyi|Biaz ThinkPad|Safna|Liang Xin DaFonQi|CHIPFANCIER iDiskk|KODAK Maxell Baiyi|Radium Set|ThinkPlus

  • Camera card recovery


    Sony|Canon|Ricoh|Panasonic|Fox Nikon|Leica|SIGMA|Insta360 Hasselblad|Olympus|Little Red House|Xixun Songdian|Fujing|Brinno komery|Brinno komery Drone Camera|Aberson|VTech Epson|Canon|C&C|Xiaomo/GoPro Action Camera|KODAK|PENTAX|BOE Fluorite|Tianxin|XinPian AF

♦Various file types♦

  • SD card audio video recovery

    Audio and video files

    Video file type


    Audio file type


  • SD card photo recovery

    Photo image file

    Common picture format


  • sd card document recovery tool

    Office document files

    Support various OFFICE documents

    Word document: DOC/DOCX, Excel document: XLS/XLSXPowerpoint: PPT/PPTX Adobe format file: PDFCoredraw: CWK

    Web page file format HTML/HTM

    Other: INDD, EPS

  • sd card file folder recovery

    Other files

    Other types of common file format recovery

    Mail format

    PST, DBX, EMLXOutlook, Outlook Express

    Compressed file


♦Multiple recovery modes♦

  • recover deleted file from sd card

    Accidental deletion recovery

    Various mechanical/solid/mobile hard drives

    Shift+Del Permanently delete by mistake. Empty the recycle bin. Permanently delete. Delete by accident. Anti-virus software. Delete by mistake. Restore memory card, camera card. NTFS, FAT32, EXFAT file directory coverage, destroy documents, media files, photos

  • recover files from formatted sd card

    Format recovery

    Various SD/memory cards/CF cards/TF cards

    Formatted hard drive multiple times, formatted memory card, formatted camera card, formatted dash cam, formatted USB flash drive, lost data, file system unchanged after formatted, NTFS, EXFAT, or FAT32 formatted partition location has not changed, partition size, etc. change

  • deep scan all lost data from sd memory card

    Deep recovery

    Don't know the reason for the lost file

    The hard disk partition file system is damaged before and after formatting. It is not NTFS before and after formatting. It is not FAT32 before and after formatting. It is not EXFAT before and after formatting. The device displays "Unformatted".

  • SD Card Partition recovery

    Partition recovery

    Camera / mobile phone / voice recorder

    1: Partition modification 2: Partition destruction 3: Partition table damage 4: Partition loss due to unknown reasons 5: Partition recovery software function 6: Delete partition 7: Video recording camera partition RAW8: Hard disk partition error 9: The recording device disk is missing

Restore scene

  • File loss recovery after blue screen

    Computer blue screen, black screen,

  • Hot-swappable SD card file loss recovery

    Error in forced removal of USB

  • SD Card Recycle Bin Recovery

    Windows 10 Recycle Bin accidentally deleted files

  • sd card not recognize

    The computer does not recognize

  • Memory card file retrieval

    Memory card SD card Memory card 

  • File Loss Recovery

    Various pictures, videos, documents,

  • sd memory card partition failure phtoto recovery

    C drive D drive E drive and other partitions

  • camera sd card file recovery

    Sudden loss of photo and video files on 

SD Card Recovery (3 steps)

Step 1 : Open Software

Preview search and find more accurate recovery. Scan data quickly with one click,

After scanning, you can preview and search to find data, which is super fast, such as documents and pictures

free download Bplan data recovery Software and then install it, and then click the button "Deep Scan"

Many customers have completely retrieved photos videos or PPT pictures, data sheets, and office documents in this mode, and received a lot of praise from customers. It takes a long time, but it is still the fastest in the industry.

find lost photo folders from sd card

Step 2 : Deep Scan

Deep scan is a direct data recovery from the bottom layer of hard disk, USB drive, SD card and other devices bypassing the file system, so you can retrieve more complete data using deep recovery. At the same time we have to figure out the difference between a physical hard drive and a logical hard drive. A physical hard drive is a hardware entity, if you have only one hard drive on your computer, then he has only one physical hard drive; a logical hard drive is one that is artificially partitioned physically for easy access and management of the files inside. We use software to recover data preferably to the physical hard disk, so that the recovered data is more complete.

retrieve lost video files from sd card

Step 3 : Open

Preview search and find more accurate recovery. Scan data quickly with one click,

After scanning, you can preview and search to find data, which is super fast, such as documents and pictures

find lost photo folders from sd card

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